Ny spiller på klubbens damehold!

Vores damer spiller i denne sæson 1. division indendørs. Her har vi glæden af at have fået tilgang af Iulia Ganea, der udover at spille også bliver hjælpetræner i klubben.

Vi har snakket med Iulia om hendes liv med tennis:

“Hi! I’m Iulia, I am 20 years old and i come from Romania. My tennis adventure started a little later than the other kids, at 9 years old. Back then i was only dreaming about how the pro players perform and i could just imagine it was myself. After 2 years of not very serious training i went into competitions, won my first match which was a total boom for me and then lost very badly to a well ranked girl. That’s when everything changed in my mentality and practice schedule and intensity.

Throughout those years i managed to win many tournaments as well as 2nd and 3rd places. My best ranking was 20 on the national level, first 8 in the winter championships and 3rd place on the national team championships with my club(CSA Steaua, maybe you know the name from the football team). 

In 2013 i also started coaching children along with my trainer. In 2014 i had to quit competitions due to health issues, so being a coach was a priority for me. Together with my mentor we brought many results both in pro and amateur levels.

My studies brought me to Denmark and then i got to come to Randers Tennisklub and i liked so much the people, and that i was very welcomed so i decided to return, make a living here and keep getting to know and play with these wonderful people!”

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